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Popuus Womens Summer Fall Pointed Toe Flats Shoes White dyvfNB5fPd Popuus Womens Summer Fall Pointed Toe Flats Shoes White dyvfNB5fPd Popuus Womens Summer Fall Pointed Toe Flats Shoes White dyvfNB5fPd Popuus Womens Summer Fall Pointed Toe Flats Shoes White dyvfNB5fPd
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See how GSAP's support for animating CSS variables (custom properties) allows you to approach your animations in a whole new way.


Now you can specify an ease for the yoyo (backwards) portion of a repeating TweenMax animation.

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A quick overview of GSAP from Zell Liew to help get you up and running quickly.

Writing Smarter Animation Code

This article is packed with videos and info to show you how to structure your code for faster workflow and more control.


See the tips and tricks that the GSAP experts use to take their animations to the next level.


Learn how to load GSAP into Animate CC 2017 in 3 easy steps (video included)


The immediateRender property of from() tweens is one of those things you only find out about when it gives you unexpected results. Learn what this property does and why it is so important.


Cory Hudson provides starter files to get up and running quickly with Adobe Animate CC and GSAP. Tons of great tips for those transitioning from the world of Flash and the swf.


Learn how to create GSAP Templates for Adobe Animate CC and greatly increase your workflow.


A great tutorial from Chris Gannon about using DrawSVGPlugin for simple, yet compelling effects.


Learn how to make a simple play / pause toggle button to control any GSAP animation (tweens or timelines). Same concepts apply to toggling the reversed() state of an animation too.


This QuickTip focuses on creating staggered animations on multiple objects with TweenMax's power methods staggerFrom() and staggerTo().

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Medical history from Countway Library

by Susan Karcz

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The Cost of Conflict Spring 2018


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Nostalgia, soldier’s heart, railway spine, neurocirculatory asthenia, shell shock, war neurosis, battle fatigue. Follow the names for the condition we now call post-traumatic stress disorder, and you’ll trace the history of medical thinking regarding battle-induced trauma, from physiological and psychological models to a combined model, neuropsychiatry.

World War I made shell shock a household word, and even one hundred years after the end of that war, the term is still used as a synonym for stunned. Elmer Ernest (E. E.) Southard, MD 1901, in Shell-shock and other neuropsychiatric problems , a prodigious feat of cataloging published in 1919, served the medical profession by editing and compiling nearly 600 cases of battle-related trauma, drawing from “the literature of the belligerents, 1914-1917, English, French, Italian, Russian, and—so far as available here—German and Austrian.”

Intended as a training manual, the resulting case-book in “fields now collectively termed neuropsychiatry” reveals how wartime physicians were thinking about the condition as they encountered it. Southard hoped the book would prove useful in what he called reconstruction, or the mending of soldiers’ post-war psyches.

The work recognized the condition as a response to a violent event, but questions remained of contributing factors and whether the condition was more organic or functional, more physiologic or psychologic, more soma or psyche.

In Southard’s time, it was recognized that no two people had the same reaction to the same traumatic event and that some of the variation in response had to do with predictive factors such as prior or existing disease, substance abuse, and psychosis. While these and other factors are still part of the clinical picture, we now know far more about the plasticity of the brain and how experiences can alter its structure and function.

The question of why some people suffer severe consequences after trauma while others do not has still not been adequately answered. Kerry Ressler, MD ’97, PhD ’97, an HMS professor of psychiatry at McLean Hospital, has been researching the role of resilience and coping—how a stressful event is appraised and the strategies used following the appraisal—in the range of responses to trauma and development of chronic PTSD.

Like Southard, Ressler and other researchers are searching for ways to lessen or prevent chronic PTSD. The work in resilience is yielding some insights, but, as Ressler wrote in a recent paper, “it remains unclear how coping strategies influence resilience and PTSD development in the acute aftermath of trauma.”

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