DbDk FD35 Women Faux Suede Peep Toe Bow Tie Platform Wedge Heel Black hcZh2QlEn

DbDk FD35 Women Faux Suede Peep Toe Bow Tie Platform Wedge Heel - Black hcZh2QlEn
  • Material: Faux suede (man-made)
  • Heel measures approximately 3.25 inches"
  • Measurement (tested sz 6; approx.): Heel: 3.25", Platform: 1", Toe: 1.5", True to size, Brand new with original or Alrisco shoe box.
  • Sole / Padding: Treaded non-skid sole / cushioned foot bed with padded insole
  • COMFORTABLE AND SECURE FIT: With the perfect amount of padding, you'll be able to run around all day with ease in comfort! The construction is designed to give you a secure yet comfortable fit based on the size you choose. Please kindly refer to the size chart prior to selecting.
  • QUALITY AND VALUE: Why spend more on high end seasonal, year-round, occasion styles when you get the same designer quality at discounted and competitive prices? This style can be for just about any outfit with designs to help accentuate your legs and highlight your creative and fashionable look! The treaded outsole will make sure you go about your day and night safely and without fatigue.
  • WORRIED ABOUT OUR ENVORINMENT?: We love animals as much as you do! No animals were hurt during the production of these shoes. They are made with 100% vegan materials from top to sole are all from man made materials. We only work with and carry manufacturers or brands that are very environmentally conscious!
DbDk FD35 Women Faux Suede Peep Toe Bow Tie Platform Wedge Heel - Black hcZh2QlEn DbDk FD35 Women Faux Suede Peep Toe Bow Tie Platform Wedge Heel - Black hcZh2QlEn DbDk FD35 Women Faux Suede Peep Toe Bow Tie Platform Wedge Heel - Black hcZh2QlEn DbDk FD35 Women Faux Suede Peep Toe Bow Tie Platform Wedge Heel - Black hcZh2QlEn
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What Is Spasticity?

What Is Spasticity?

Spasticity is muscle over-activity, appearing as the following:

Spasticity is caused by injury to the part of the central nervous system that controls voluntary movements. The damage disrupts the signals between the nervous system and muscles, leading to increased muscle activity.

Spasticity may result from stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or other neurological disorders.

Symptoms of Spasticity

Spasticity varies from mild muscle stiffness to severe, painful, and uncontrollable muscle spasms. Spasticity can also lead to contractures (abnormal joint positions), which may lead to deformity or inability to move the related body part.

Spasticity is often painful and can complicate activities of daily living. Reducing the barrier of spasticity can help you achieve more independence. Do not hesitate to contact our experts in spasticity management to help you.

Find a Doctor

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Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Spasticity Management, Stroke
Pediatric Rehabilitation, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Physician Assistant, Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Spasticity Management
EMG, Pediatric Neuromuscular Diseases, Pediatric Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injury, Spasticity Management
Physical Therapy, Spasticity Management
Pediatric Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Spasticity Management
Family Nurse Practitioner, Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Spasticity Management
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Treatment Options

Spasticity can be managed in many ways. With different treatment options available, your care team will work with you to design and implement a treatment program tailored to your needs. Some people may benefit from only one treatment option, while others may benefit from combining two or more treatment options.

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Close of Evidence; Closing Arguments; Jury Instructions; Jury Deliberations

At this point, the parties may also move for summary judgment on the ground that no genuine issue of material fact exists and the movant is thus entitled to judgment as a matter of law . This motion differs from a straight motion for summary judgment that was discussed earlier in the course. A motion for summary judgment, which is usually made much earlier in the case, asserts that the other party has not alleged or presented evidence that is sufficient to maintain its action or defense. A motion for a judgment as a matter of law, on the other hand, alleges that, even though the other party has alleged and presented evidence that would support its case, no reasonable jury could possibly find for that party; and so the judge should decide the case here and now, without submitting it to the jury. This motion can be granted even if the other party has brought in evidence to establish all the elements of its claim or defense.

As explained above, the closing argument is the time when the parties may forcefully argue their cases. The parties may summarize the evidence, point out discrepancies, and extensively argue how the law applies in their favor. Rather than tell a story, the closing argument is just that – an argument. The closing argument is the party’s final attempt to persuade the jury that the opposing party is liable or that the party itself is not liable.

Some attorneys choose to use the exhibits admitted into evidence to support their closing arguments. Some will point to charts as they argue, others will read testimony from the record to reinforce certain portions of their arguments. These tools are often useful during closing arguments, as they give the jury visuals on which to focus and can help the jurors form a complete picture of the arguments in their minds.

Each closing argument usually lasts 20-60 minutes. Some jurisdictions limit how long the closing may be, and some jurisdictions allow some of that time to be reserved for later. The plaintiff, having the burden of proof, usually has the right to give her closing argument first, followed by the defendant’s closing argument. In many jurisdictions, the plaintiff may use all of the allotted time, or the plaintiff may reserve time (e.g., ten minutes) to use after the defendant’s closing argument. The reserved time may be viewed as a rebuttal and gives the plaintiff (or the party with the burden of proof) the last word.

After closing arguments, the jury is instructed, usually by the judge, as to the relevant, controlling law in the jurisdiction. If, for example, the case is a negligence action, the judge will explain to the jury the elements of negligence and how each element must be proven by the plaintiff for the defendant to be liable. If the case is a breach of contract action, the judge will instruct the jury on the elements of a valid contract and what is considered a breach thereof. See Girden v. Sandals Intern. , 262 F.3d 195, 203 (2d Cir. 2001):

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St. Mary with St. George, Hornsey Parish Church

An Ecumenical Week of Accompanied Prayer

What is a Week of Accompanied Prayer? A Week of Accompanied Prayer (WAP) is designed to help people in their prayer; it’s a bit like a retreat, but without their having to stay away from home. WAPs have elements of a residential retreat, but as the people involved continue in their normal daily lives the week takes on a richness of its own and the prayer remains closely in touch with the daily happenings in each individual’s personal life and in the world.

What happens each day on a WAP? Participants in a WAP are asked to set aside each day time for personal prayer – typically 30 minutes – taking account of each individual’s situation. In addition, they also commit themselves to meet individually with a prayer Guide, in a quiet place at church, for about 30 minutes each day of the WAP. This meeting is an opportunity to talk about what is happening in their prayer, and its relationship with their whole faith life.

So the commitment of the WAP is about an hour each day, Monday to Friday – 30 minutes’ prayer, 30 minutes’ time with your Guide.

When does the WAP begin? The WAP begins on the first Sunday when all involved are present and prayed for at the Parish Eucharist. After the service there is a short meeting when all of the Participants and Guides can meet one another. This session provides an opportunity for introductions, general guidance about prayer to help Participants get started, and initial conversations.

Also this is a good opportunity for Participants to meet all together so that they can be aware throughout the WAP retreat of others who are also making the week of prayer, and so foster a sense of mutual support. At the end of the week everyone will come together again to reflect upon and celebrate the event on the final Sunday morning.

Who are the Prayer Guides? The team of Prayer Guides includes women and men of various denominations, some lay, some ordained. All will have received training in helping others in their prayer. The role of the Guide is mainly to listen actively to the Participant discuss their prayer life: to accompany the Participants during the week, encouraging each person to honour his or her own prayer and to be aware of how it may be developed. The Guide may also make suggestions about new ways to pray or help think about what makes prayer difficult for us.

Does the WAP cost anything? The WAP is free to join, but donations to help cover the costs of the event are of course welcome. Please ask if you would like more details.

What do I do next? Why not get in touch with us and find out more. There are just 30 spaces available so if you want to apply email [email protected] All applicants will be asked to provide a simple reference from their priest or minister.

Applications close two weeks before the WAP.

A prayer for the Hornsey Week of Accompanied Prayer Almighty God, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hidden; cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, so that we may truly love you and worthily praise your holy name; through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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