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Carolbar Womens Fashion Zip Decorative Buckle High Heel Platform Dress Ankle Boots Wine Red EBlTS8B8d
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  • Platform measures approximately 1.25"
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  • Listing images were taken off actual product, however, actual color may differ slightly due to different monitor display setting.
Carolbar Womens Fashion Zip Decorative Buckle High Heel Platform Dress Ankle Boots Wine Red EBlTS8B8d

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To support these rules of thumb, we share multiple real examples, most being shared in a public paper for the first time. Some rules of thumb have previously been stated, such as “speed matters,” but we describe the assumptions in the experimental design and share additional experiments that improved our understanding of where speed matters more: certain areas of the web page are more critical.

This paper serves two goals. First, it can guide experimenters with rules of thumb that can help them optimize their sites. Second, it provides the KDD community with new research challenges on the applicability, exceptions, and extensions to these, one of the goals for KDD’s industrial track.

Statistical Inference in Two-stage Online Controlled Experiments with Treatment Selection and Validation Alex Deng, Tianxi Li and Yu Guo

Online controlled experiments, also called A/B testing, have been established as the mantra for data-driven decision making in many web-facing companies. A/B Testing support decision making by directly comparing two variants at a time. It can be used for comparison between (1) two candidate treatments and (2) a candidate treatment and an established control. In practice, one typically runs an experiment with multiple treatments together with a control to make decision for both purposes simultaneously. This is known to have two issues. First, having multiple treatments increases false positives due to multiple comparison. Second, the selection process causes an upward bias in estimated effect size of the best observed treatment. To overcome these two issues, a two stage process is recommended, in which we select the best treatment from the first screening stage and then run the same experiment with only the selected best treatment and the control in the validation stage. Traditional application of this two-stage design often focus only on results from the second stage. In this paper, we propose a general methodology for combining the first screening stage data together with validation stage data for more sensitive hypothesis testing and more accurate point estimation of the treatment effect. Our method is widely applicable to existing online controlled experimentation systems.

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Ron Kohavi, Alex Deng, Brian Frasca, Toby Walker, Ya Xu, Nils Pohlmann

Web-facing companies, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Google, Groupon, Intuit, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Shop Direct, StumbleUpon, Yahoo, and Zynga use online controlled experiments to guide product development and accelerate innovation. At Microsoft’s Bing, the use of controlled experiments has grown exponentially over time, with over 200 concurrent experiments now running on any given day. Running experiments at large scale requires addressing multiple challenges in three areas: cultural/organizational, engineering, and trustworthiness. On the cultural and organizational front, the larger organization needs to learn the reasons for running controlled experiments and the tradeoffs between controlled experiments and other methods of evaluating ideas. We discuss why negative experiments, which degrade the user experience short term, should be run, given the learning value and long-term benefits. On the engineering side, we architected a highly scalable system, able to handle data at massive scale: hundreds of concurrent experiments, each containing millions of users. Classical testing and debugging techniques no longer apply when there are millions of live variants of the site, so alerts are used to identify issues rather than relying on heavy up-front testing. On the trustworthiness front, we have a high occurrence of false positives that we address, and we alert experimenters to statistical interactions between experiments. The Bing Experimentation System is credited with having accelerated innovation and increased annual revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars, by allowing us to find and focus on key ideas evaluated through thousands of controlled experiments. A 1% improvement to revenue equals $10M annually in the US, yet many ideas impact key metrics by 1% and are not well estimated a-priori. The system has also identified many negative features that we avoided deploying, despite key stakeholders’ early excitement, saving us similar large amounts.

Simple Summer Supper: Broccoli Bacon Salad
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Author: Laura
Serves: 3-6

You can look forward to getting more Simple Summer Supper ideas like this during the entire month of July. Stay tuned! (Be sure to Dr Martens 1461 Mono Smooth Oxford White gVtjHVQseV
so you don’t miss any of these ideas and posts!)

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Through the month of July, we’re going to share Simple Summer Supper recipes. First up: BLT Wraps!

Like this recipe for Radnor 64055847 17 Rubber Over the Shoe Boots Ribbed Outsole Size 14 Yellow dhhaDCipH
, some of the ideas we’ll share have been on our site for quite a while. We figured this was the perfect time to refresh your memory and pull out some oldies but goodies. These BLT Wraps are a big favorite at our house for sure! (Pssst! We’ve got some new ideas to share too!)

Are you like me in the summer? I love the sunshine and the heat, but figuring out our evening meal often leaves me stumped! I don’t want to turn on the oven. I don’t have a lot of motivation to stand over a stove. I like our food to be simple…

Oh wait. AllhqFashion Womens Soft Material Zipper Pointed Closed Toe LowHeels Lowtop Boots Blackpu FMzbBw
; not just in the summertime. :)

So here we are, avoiding soups and casseroles but still needing to eat. I highly recommend adidas Mens Crazyquick 20 White/Platinum/White LQd5Ckpud
, then taking a few minutes to make these fabulous BLT Wraps!


In the previous tutorials we have mainly concentrated on calculating global properties such as conductance and band structures. Often, however, insight can be gained from calculating locally-defined quantities, that is, quantities defined over individual sites or hoppings in your system. In the AllhqFashion Womens Solid Imitated Suede Kitten Heels Zipper Round Closed Toe Boots Apricot y7aRmQ
tutorial we saw how we could visualize the density associated with the eigenstates of a system using .

In this tutorial we will see how we can calculate more general quantities than simple densities by studying spin transport in a system with a magnetic texture.

See also

The complete source code of this example can be found in Easemax Womens Elegant Peep Toe Platform Sandals Shoes Pink gxBTAm1

Our starting point will be the following spinful tight-binding model on a square lattice:

H = i j α | i α j α | + J i α β m i σ α β | i α i β | ,

where latin indices run over sites, and greek indices run over spin. We can identify the first term as a nearest-neighbor hopping between like-spins, and the second as a term that couples spins on the same site. The second term acts like a magnetic field of strength J that varies from site to site and that, on site i , points in the direction of the unit vector m i . σ α β is a vector of Pauli matrices. We shall take the following form for m i :

Kessler makes Zeke an offer.

Just then, Zeke was trapped between Alden and Kessler. Cole watched as he just stood there, and slowly realized that the key to making his dreams a reality was in between his hands. After that, Zeke activated the Ray Sphere, sending forth a powerful wave of energy coming out of the sphere, breaching the very ends of the building on where they are. But, as the field widened, Zeke and the others were dumbfounded when the sphere didn't work, as the field shortened out and disappeared. Thinking quickly, Kessler told Zeke that he knew what was wrong and that he'll help Zeke with the powers he wanted, so long as Zeke now answers to him. Zeke, looking at Cole's eyes one last time, went with Kessler and fled the tower via Kessler's chopper. Alden was enraged and nearly tore his tower apart, as Cole stood below falling debris, dumbfounded and numb. After waking up, Cole was still at the tower, only this time desolated of anything but debris. D2C Beauty Women Bohemia Slingback TStrap Flat Thong Sandals Beach Holiday Apricot Jz3ipL19l

John called Cole after the failed attempt of stealing the Ray Sphere, furious about what happened. Cole told him that Zeke was the only one he could have trusted, but his trust obviously backfired at him. John told him that Kessler was now at the AllhqFashion Womens Pu Mid Top Solid Zipper Kitten Heels Boots Gray dVAporom
and Alden was on a rampage on his way there. Cole was tasked with stopping him before things escalate any further. Arriving at the bridge, Cole made his way through the debris and fog. Ladies Women Ballroom Dance Shoes Very Fine EKSA3830 SERA 25 Heel with Heel Protectors Purple Satin Purple Scale Trim pBeJJ

Cole defeats Alden Tate.

Dealing with the Dust Men around the bridge, and also negating Moya's calls, Cole managed to make his way at the near end of the bridge, where Alden, covered in a makeshift metal hide that forms a monstrous armor, made his last stand to combat Cole MacGrath. Despite the supposed size advantage and morale of Alden and his makeshift metal monsters , Cole managed to destroy the scrap metal hide of Alden, and subdued him there. Cole immediately grabbed Alden and attempted to finish him off. ASICS GelLyte V Men Round Toe Suede Multi Color Running Shoe Grey sjsmC6hqb

Alden, fearing for his life, changed his tone with Cole, stating that he wanted to work with him in subjugating Kessler and the First Sons. Cole listened to his reasoning, and the moment that he lowered his guard, Alden jumped down from the bridge, falling into the water. Since he was a DailyShoes Womens Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Zipper Sweater Ankle High Exclusive Credit Card Pocket Grey White Tan Pu pWDWAOyDVh
, his ability to survive was more higher than a non-Conduit, but that mattered little to Cole for the moment. After brushing up, he went forward into the Historic District, where all of his enemies gathered. [2]

Arriving at the Historic District, John told Cole to lower the Disney Minnie Mouse Big Face Mary Jane Baby Girls Shoes iunXvNg6US
for him to better escape if ever the situation escalates. After that, he was contacted by Kessler, whom told him that he must change and adjust, or else, he'd die. After dealing with an Aura Conduit , Cole is contacted again by Kessler who informs him that Trish was right beside him, held captive against her will as a lure for Cole. Kessler also told Cole about several bombs that he had set around the city, surrounded with innocent civilians. [2]



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