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West Wall the Three Lines

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West wall The three lines

of inscription between the two rows of deities are appeals

to several gods, Atum, Osiris, Khenty-Imentiu, and the

Enead, to grant the deceased strength, greatness, power,

and dignity.

South wallThe leading god in the _rst scene is Thoth,

the Ibis-headed _gure, referred to in the text above as

lord of Wenu (Hermopolis or El-Ashmunin), and scribe

of truth to the great Ennead. The divinities in the sec-

ond scene are called gods of the Duat (the Underworld),

and the text of the third scene refers to all the Gods of

Truth. The fourth and last scene is dedicated to Ra-

Horakhti-Atum, lord of the two lands of Anu (Heliopo-

lis). When followed from west to east there is some

logic in the choice of the divinities depicted in these

scenes. It begins with the judgement of the deceased,

usually recorded by Thoth. This is followed by the voy-

age through the Duat with its numerous, mysterious ge-

nies, and _nally the reemergence like the sun's reappear-

ance at the eastern horizon after an arduous nocturnal


East wall

North wall

The scene is surrounded by 29 columns of text,

the largest in this tomb, from Chapter 1 of the Book of

the Dead (BD). This text is also arranged from west to

east with the _rst three columns actually being on the

western wall. Under the title: Chapter of going to the

Tribunal of Osiris on the day of burial of Sennedjem",

the text begins with the deceased addressing Osiris by

his epithet Bull of the West". He identi_es himself

with several gods: the great god in the boat of the sun,

a god of the tribunal that vindicated Osiris, one of those

gods born to Nut, and also with Thoth, Horus, and

others. Sennedjem, also identi_es himself with priests




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